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Short Film Action
The Short Film Action Initiative
We’re looking for a few good short film scripts
Attention, screenwriters: Are you an English-language writer with a great short film script that you’re dying to see get made? As part of its Short Film Action (SFA) initiative, BusinessFilm Elan is currently accepting short film script submissions. We’re looking for intelligent, innovative projects with the following characteristics:
  5 to 25 minutes in length
Can be shot in locations available in France
No complex special effects
Can contain English, French, or no dialogue
  We’re seeking inventive, quality work: serious projects that you absolutely want to see get produced. We want scripts that are polished and ready for shooting. Should your submission be accepted, BusinessFilm Elan can offer the following:
  Your script will be produced by BusinessFilm Elan, on a micro-budget (money provided entirely by BusinessFilm Elan), or on a small budget (some money attained via external grants). We encourage the writer to play an active role in collaborating with the production team as the film gets made.
It will be shot by some of France’s best camera operators and technicians, on high-end video or film (depending on project requirements).
  It will be directed by award-winning filmmaker Ian R. Hardy, with method-trained acting talent from France, the U.S., or the UK (depending on script requirements).
  Successful productions will be placed on the international short film festival circuit
  We at BusinessFilm Elan are passionate about great short films, which is why we decided to put our profits into the Short Film Action initiative. Because BusinessFilm Elan would be providing the money and infrastructure for your script to be produced, we cannot offer to pay you any fees for your work. BusinessFilm Elan / Short Film Action would receive the distribution rights for the film, and if the film ever makes money (but remember, this is short film so profit is rather unlikely), we would make sure that a fair percentage of that profit gets paid to the writer. But this isn’t about money. The main point of this call for entries is to get exciting, innovative short films produced and on the screen. If your script is accepted to be produced, we can promise you that it will be assigned top-quality production talent with a dedication to making films worthy of festival awards. And full credit would, of course, go to you as the writer.
  Please MAIL your PRINTED script (emailed submissions will NOT be read - our poor eyes can’t bear staring at the screen for too long) to the following address:
  BizFilm Media LLC
Five Minute Hotel Challenge
19 rue des Frigos
75013 Paris
  Remember to include:
  1. Your PRINTED screenplay (emailed submissions will not be read)
2. A brief, one-paragraph synopsis, including your full contact information (telephone number, email address, etc.)
  We promise to read over every submission mailed to us, although it might take us 1-3 months to do so. Due to quantity received, we cannot unfortunately mail back unaccepted submissions. All unaccepted submissions will be destroyed and will not be circulated beyond BusinessFilm / Short Film Action. Your script ideas will remain yours and yours alone - nothing you send to us will be produced without your express permission and personal participation in the process.
  So here’s to making great short films! We look forward to receiving your submission.
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Wrecked, dir. Kartik Singh,
Short Film Action
Wrecked, dir. Kartik Singh,
Short Film Action
Spare Change, dir. Kartik Singh,
Short Film Action
Dolly, Pardon, dir. Ian R. Hardy,
Short Film Action
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